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Majura Community Energy Project now open

The farm is now 'switched' on and generating power for the Canberra community. We would like to say a big thank you to all our Investors and community members for your support!At SolarShare our vision is for people to share a connection with their energy supply, their investment, their community, and the environment through ownership and participation in local renewable energy generation. Our newsletters are a great way to share our vision, provide project updates on the Majura Valley Community Solar Farm, and the latest in sustainability news. 

We welcome feedback on the content and frequency of the newsletter from our subscribers.

Nick Fejer and Lawrence McIntosh at the opening of the Majura Community Energy Project
Nick Fejer and Lawrence McIntosh at the opening


The farm is now 'switched' on

The 'switch on' of the Solar Farm was a great success! The farm has commenced generation and is undergoing acceptance testing now. This means the farm is sending renewable energy into the local transmission grid and earning revenue. 


SolarShare CEO

With sadness, we have to announce that Lawrence will step down in the role of Principal Executive Officer. We have immense gratitude for Lawrence's contribution and will continue to draw upon Lawrence's expertise when we can. We have commenced advertising for a new CEO for SolarShare, details of the position can be found here.  Please feel free to circulate to help us find another passionate and knowledgeable person to join the team! 


Solar Farm in the news

The switch has been flipped on Australia's largest community-owned solar farm at Majura, which is now powering around 260 Canberra homes. Click here to read more Majura Community Solar Farm was eight years in gestation, and on Friday morning it woke up to the sun. Click here to read more

Support to the Majura Valley Landcare Group

In line with our deed of entitlement with the ACT Government, we have supported Majura Valley Landcare Group with a grant of $1500 for planting trees and supporting their organisation.


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